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Alexi wants to know:

  • What gives you meaning and purpose in your life?
  • Who are you going to impress?
  • What kind of difference are you going to make?
  • When do you last remember laughing out loud?

About Alexi Bracey

Cancer taught Alexi that the body’s systems are all connected. Without any medical intervention, without drugs or surgery, Alexi was cancer free only a year later.

Along the way, Alexi developed the vision of emotions, mind, and body all being interconnected. That was more than twenty years ago.

Putting this mindset into practice, Alexi loves to share the resources she has accumulated.

As a coach, plant-based chef, and healthy environment educator, Alexi knows that knowledge is not the same as wisdom. She has, counter-intuitively, helped many “coaches” to go back to waiting tables and working in corporate jobs. Following her direction, many of her clients have overcome their health challenges.

Now, Alexi focuses on lifelong independence and sharp cognitive function. She believes that midlife women can maintain lifelong independence and sharp cognitive function for themselves or family members for the rest of their lives.

My reason why!

“If you think you can, you are right, If you think you cannot, you are also right.”

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