Ann Ljungberg

Ann Ljungberg

I Believe...

  • I believe that any expert can make an even greater impact.

About Ann Ljungberg

Ann is an “Expert Method Strategist” who helps seasoned entrepreneurs to share, leverage, and scale their content. Ann believes that creating and launching successful certification programs will position you as the go-to expert in your field.

Origin Story:

My first big dream was to be a writer. I had learnt the alphabet by the age of 2, wrote scary mysteries through school and was thinking of a career as a journalist when I stumbled upon computers - a rare thing in the early 80's - and started studying systems science at university. The career path in corporate was given - I implemented huge systems at huge companies, managed projects and people - but 20 years later I quit to go sailing around the world with my husband. We decided to stick to this lifestyle and 1 year into the journey I started my own business. Back to the roots - wanted to get into writing again and became a writing coach. The first in Sweden. After working with thousands of writers, I created a certification program to teach others to help writers with coaching, editing and publishing projects. A program I'm now introducing globally. I'm also helping other experts - those who have created their own methods - to monetize their methods with a certification program.



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