Hector Del Valle

About Hector Del Valle Hector is a nationally recognized, award-winning, bilingual public speaker and mentor. As a board member of the Center for Independent Living, he advocates for people with disabilities. Known for his engaging smile, Hector tours and speaks on where to go and what to do, the resources and coping skills needed to […]

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Michael R Van Butsel

I Believe… I believe we owe it to our children to live vibrant, abundant lives. So that they feel confident living vibrant, abundant lives as well. Michael R Van Butsel Transferring the career experience of many years of building large scale high-end projects with a remarkable range of personalities in the teams of advanced design

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Elaine L. Sugar

I Believe… I believe we owe it to our children to live vibrant, abundant lives. So that they feel confident living vibrant, abundant lives as well. About Elaine L. Sugar I am a Conscious Transformational Coach, which enables me to help people resolve emotional trash without being retraumatized by having to explain the details of

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Monique McDonald

Monique believes when you align your voice with your message, you become a magnet for their ideal clients and speak with authentic poise and power. What if YOUR voice could inspire the world? About Monique McDonald Monique empowers speakers to align their voice to their message so they become a magnet for their ideal clients

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Jackie Simmons

I Believe… I believe that you’re ready. What would your life look like if you believed it too? About Jackie Simmons Author and International Speaker, Jackie believes in tackling complex and challenging topics and making sense out of them. As the creator of Conscious Transformational Coaching™, Jackie believes that you deserve to guarantee results for

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Katie Miller

I Believe… I believe in being unapologetically yourself. After all, no one else is qualified. About Katie Miller Katie learned 2 things at an early age, she had to be perfect to be noticed and to keep her opinions to herself. It was not until Katie was married and found out she was going to

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Dr Marny

I Believe… Your family deserves the best version of you. About Dr Marny Dr. Marny Turvill has been a medical doctor for 32 years. She was originally a pediatrician for 16 years because she wanted to teach kids how to be healthy and make life easier for parents. During her second pregnancy, sudden and devastating

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Rev. Kelly Kaelin

I Believe… I believe that all crappy memories can be permanently resolved easily. About Rev. Kelly Kaelin Rev. Kelly believes that our hearts hold all the wisdom we need, we just need to heed them more often. Listening to what the world said led Kelly into the world of corporate finance and accounting, and through

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Tansy Muller

I Believe… I believe that all carers deserve to be heard, valued & supported I believe that you (carers/caregivers) can carve out some time each day for themselves to practice some much-needed self-care I believe that carers can retain their sense of identity and not get lost in the label of carer – you are

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