Elaine L. Sugar

I Believe… I believe we owe it to our children to live vibrant, abundant lives. I believe every child deserves the opportunity to live their own vibrant, abundant life. About Elaine L. Sugar I am a Conscious Transformational Coach, which enables me to help people resolve emotional trash without being retraumatized by having to explain …

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Monique McDonald

What if YOUR voice could vibrate the world? About Monique McDonald Monique empowers speakers to align their voice to their message so they become a magnet for their ideal clients and authentically speak with poise and power. What’s in it for me?   Client Story   Schedule your free consultation call Book now

Katie Miller

I Believe… About Katie Miller Katie is the Director of Operations at Success Journey Academy and the Assistant Director of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society. Supporting the mission of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society and handling the tech for The Suicide Prevention Show, Katie learned she has a knack for helping. In 2020, Katie started …

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Dr Marny

I Believe… Your family deserves the best version of you. I believe kids deserve to hear more of what they’re doing right and less of what they’re doing wrong. I believe kids deserve to hear “I love you” frequently. I believe kids deserve truly happy parents. I believe great relationships are created on purpose. I …

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Rev. Kelly Kaelin

I Believe… I believe that mental and emotional trauma / crappy memories are stuck energy. Like stagnant water, stagnant energy becomes toxic. About Rev. Kelly Kaelin Hi! My name is Rev. Kelly Kaelin, and I’m certified in Conscious Transformational Coaching, an International best-selling author, a Metaphysical Reverend, business owner, gardener, animal aficionado, and believer in …

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Tansy Muller

I Believe… I believe that all carers deserve to be heard, valued & supported I believe that you (carers/caregivers) can carve out some time each day for themselves to practice some much-needed self-care I believe that carers can retain their sense of identity and not get lost in the label of carer – you are …

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Jana Niksa

I Believe… I believe if you have a dream it would not be within you if it isn’t for you. My mission is to inspire and empower others to live their vision with joy and fulfillment About Jana Niksa Jana Niksa- The Intuitive Sales Coach (aka a sales coach with an edge and a twist) …

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Susan Flerchinger

I Believe… I believe it’s your birthright to be abundant, healthy, and happy. About Susan Flerchinger Susan is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Conscious Transformational Coach™ who works with leaders and influencers who desire to transform how they show up in the world.Susan’s energy healing journey was ignited by the quick passing of her seemingly …

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Alexi Bracey

Alexi wants to know: What gives you meaning and purpose in your life? Who are you going to impress? What kind of difference are you going to make? When do you last remember laughing out loud? About Alexi Bracey Cancer taught Alexi that the body’s systems are all connected. Without any medical intervention, without drugs …

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