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I Believe...

  • Your family deserves the best version of you.

About Dr Marny

Dr. Marny Turvill has been a medical doctor for 32 years. She was originally a pediatrician for 16 years because she wanted to teach kids how to be healthy and make life easier for parents.

During her second pregnancy, sudden and devastating health issues pulled the rug right out from under Dr. Marny's parenting dreams and her career. On top of chronic illness, work, and an increasingly strained marriage, parenting became a nightmare.

Just as Dr. Marny was restoring her own health and helping both her kids get through major health issues, she tragically lost her husband to suicide. Dr. Marny learned the hard way how stress and trauma affect families and learned how to turn it around. Now, with her functional medicine and coaching practices, she helps parents and kids thrive through all aspects of life.

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