Elaine L. Sugar

Elaine Sugar

I Believe...

  • I believe we owe it to our children to live vibrant, abundant lives. So that they feel confident living vibrant, abundant lives as well.

About Elaine L. Sugar

I am a Conscious Transformational Coach, which enables me to help people resolve emotional trash without being retraumatized by having to explain the details of the experience. I am also a Mental Wellness Advocate and Founder of the non-profit organization, M.A.P.S. Global Events. M.A.P.S. (Mental-Wellness, Affirmations, & Positivity Support) Global Events, has a dual mission to host mental wellness events/activities that enlighten the public, while promoting small business owners.

I also have a passion for teaching children the value of positive thinking and speaking. It's the foundation for my company Kids, More S.U.G.A.R. (Saying Unforgettable Good Affirmations Regularly). I am an award-winning children’s self-esteem program facilitator and best-selling children’s book author of the coloring/storybook series, Cell Phone Sir S.U.G.A.R.

My reasons why!

Starting with a coloring/storybook for kids ages 5-10, I launched my company in 2020. Just in time for the pandemic. During this time, the mental strain on parents and kids was worsening.

Cell Phone Sir S.U.G.A.R. became a best-seller and parents started asking “But what about the older children?”

Starting with the “Empower Teen Self-Esteem” podcast and a money management course, I developed a product line for teens.

And then, parents began to ask “What about us?”

What I learned is that by supporting the parents and adults around children, you increase the chances of a child retaining and implementing the lessons.

Even my adult clients start with the simple lessons. Check them out on Amazon here

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