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I Believe...

  • I believe if you have a dream it would not be within you if it isn't for you. My mission is to inspire and empower others to live their vision with joy and fulfillment

About Jana Niksa

Jana Niksa- The Intuitive Sales Coach (aka a sales coach with an edge and a twist)

For over two decades Jana Niksa has been celebrated as a Top Sales Executive in her industry. As her career progressed, Jana knew there was more for her. She wanted to dive deeper into understanding the science of mindset and its connection to the subconscious.

The study of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and human potential became her deepest passion. Over the last several years Jana has studied with some of the greatest teachers and coaches in the industry, from Jack Canfield and Jackie Simmons to Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len.

Jana is now a certified meditation coach and teacher, intuitive sales coach, limiting-belief clearing expert, hypnosis, and NLP practitioner, and is trained in the ancient Hawaiian practice Ho’oponopono. (This doesn't include CTC since I am not one yet)

Dedicating herself to helping female entrepreneurs master the art of the client conversation and selling with both sincerity and authenticity, is Jana’s #1 passion. She helps them discover their authentic voice while guiding them through her process called, “Release To Rise” in order to let go of what is holding them back in order to unleash their full potential and massively up-level their business’s success.

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