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About Katie Miller

Katie is the Director of Operations at Success Journey Academy and the Assistant Director of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society.

Supporting the mission of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society and handling the tech for The Suicide Prevention Show, Katie learned she has a knack for helping. In 2020, Katie started her own business helping speakers, mentors, and coaches get their messages out into the world.

Katie knows what it’s like to be afraid to speak up, to give voice to what you feel or even share who you are. After interviewing guests on her podcast: “Adulting Sucks, but it does not have to”, Katie is now even more aware of the need for people to feel safe when speaking up.

Katie’s mission is to reduce your stress and help you focus on what you do best . . . sharing your message with the world to make the world a more understanding and gentler place. 😁

My reason why!

Katie knows what it is like to be afraid to speak up for fear of rejection, anger or consequences for speaking her mind or her truth. Katie observed too many friends and classmates “come out” to their friends/family and received a negative response. Whether it was teasing, an interrogation of “why” or even being “kicked off the island”. Whether it be lifelong friends who walked away or being kicked out of their house by their parents. Once that trust is broken, even if it is mended later, it is never as strong as it once was.


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