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Monique believes when you align your voice with your message, you become a magnet for their ideal clients and speak with authentic poise and power.

What if YOUR voice could inspire the world?

About Monique McDonald

Monique empowers speakers to align their voice to their message so they become a magnet for their ideal clients and authentically speak with poise and power.

Origin Story

When I was a little girl, l wanted to be just like my Mommy. My mother was a singer and when I was 5, I got to see my mom sing in a concert for the first time. The cathedral was huge, the domed-ceiling felt a mile high. I somehow broke away from my chaperone and ran up to the balcony. As I looked down, my mom transformed into a vision of light, and the sound of her voice made my entire body vibrate. I didn't know what was happening or how my mom had transformed into this being of light. When it ended, I raced down and elbowed through the crowd of well-wishers and threw myself into my mother's arms. Her voice had literally raised the vibration of my world.

This was my first experience of the power of the human voice and what happens when a person's voice is truly aligned to their passion and power. With my mother at my side as my voice teacher and biggest fan, I became an award-winning, Grammy nominated opera singer. After my mom passed away, I left the stage. I didn’t want to continue that journey without her.

So I decided to share the secrets I‘ve learned in 20 years of High Stakes Performances to empower speakers, and leaders to align their voice to their passion and power. Throughout my career as a singer, I was vibrating the world with my voice, and now I help speakers and leaders unleash their voice and inspire the world. Are you ready to make an impact? Here we go...take a deep belly breath and repeat after me: "My voice inspires the world!"

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