Pauline Victoria

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I Believe...

  • I believe that you were born worthy, loveable and capable.

About Pauline Victoria

Pauline Victoria has a unique perspective. Born without limbs, she understands that what she does stirs up curiosity and amazement.
Pauline believes that whatever strengths you see in her, already exist in you. This makes her an excellent mirror to your greatness.
As an inspirational thought leader, Pauline offers transformational perspectives that reflect back to you, your strength, your spirit, and your power. As a co-founder of “Born with Greatness Productions,” Pauline and her partner, Maynard Neal, help coaches, experts, influencers, and speakers effortlessly and quickly create online courses customized to their unique audiences. From production to promotion, they provide done-for-you services and coaching so that you can easily increase your impact and income.

What’s in it for me?

When you're done wasting your time and treasure trying to build a course or workbook by yourself, I help transform your expertise and unique experiences into a customized online course that allows your genius to shine. My “Done For You” service makes back-of-the-room sales easy and effortless. What if you already have what your clients want to buy, it just needs to be the way they want to buy it?

Client Story

Tammy’s Story: Our client Tammy was struggling to see herself as an authority in her field. She knew she needed more visibility. Tammy really wanted to increase her impact, influence, and income.

She had spent a lot of time thinking about her course, but didn't have the expertise to get it built. Tammy spent lots of money on strategies and tactics to build her visibility and years later, she still had no course to sell. After a short 60-minute interview, I created her signature course. Tammy is now free from feeling like she isn’t ready. Now she shows up with confidence and a product her tribe wants to buy.

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