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I Believe...

  • I believe that bullying can end and that your child, and the world, can be bully-free.

About Tammy Atchley

Tammy Atchley is a Certified Conscious Transformational Coach who focuses on parenting and transforming the bullying experience.

Tammy helps you have the conversations that matter with your child. Conversations that keep the lines of communication open and allow you to listen without judgment.

Being bullied herself and having a child who was bullied, Tammy is on a mission to end bullying.

Tammy teaches how to “Bully Proof” your child so that you feel confident that your child will live through any bullying and come out the other side happy, healthy, and safe.

Tammy believes in making the world a better place . . . isn’t that what we all want, for our kids to live in a better place?

Tammy imagines a world where everyone is kinder, where bullying is no longer an issue, and where no one needs to take her course ever again.

What’s in it for me?


My reasons why

After surviving school and massive bullying, Tammy thought that bullying was part of her past. Then her daughter started withdrawing, and Tammy woke up to the fact that bullying doesn’t end with silence. Bullying only ends in truth-telling, visibility, and shining a light on how easy it is to pretend that what your child is experiencing isn’t “that bad.”

To learn more about Tammy’s mission

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